Professional Conference Presentations

[unordered_list style=”bullet”] “Group Business – Making Your Community More Group Friendly,” Panel Discussion Highway 36 Alliance Education Session Macon, Missouri July 10, 2012   At Sea: Atlantic Crossings, Chair/Comment Western Conference on British Studies Austin, Texas September 23-25, 2010   “Oiling the Cultural Machine: Anthropology Exhibitions and Native Village Exhibits at Worlds Fairs” Pop Culture Association  New Orleans, Louisiana April 8-11, 2009   “A Mysterious Collection of Eggs: Collections Management and Environmental Monitoring from a New Professional Perspective” Texas Association of Museums El Paso, Texas March 17-20, 2009   “Saying No to Thunder: The Deterioration of Women’s Status in Igboland” Kansas Association of Historians Independence, Kansas April 11-12, 2008   “Painting the Womb: Women as Cave Painters in the South of France” Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention Albuquerque, New Mexico January 3-6, 2008   “Echoing Complaints: Corporations in The Constant Gardner and Blood Diamond“ Literature/Film Association Lawrence, Kansas October 11-14, 2007   “The Battle for Tradition: Society of St. Pius X in St. Marys, Kansas” Western Social Science Association Calgary, Ontario, Canada April 11-14, 2007   “Tending the Roots: Communication Strategies to Build Communities of Women” Women as Global Leaders Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates March 12-14, 2006 [/unordered_list]